Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin

Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin (2008-2010)
Schlossfreiheit 1, Berlin

Over a period of two years, the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin offered a varied art education program inviting people to become involved in dealing with contemporary art and participate in the cultural life of Berlin.

Following the dynamism and laboratory character of the Temporäre Kunsthalle as a differentiated communication space, we conceived art education in several directions, by involving different actors, combining dialogical and lecture-style, classical and experimental formats, creating a variety of references, and always putting everything up for discussion. We thus made use of contemporary art's potential that lies in grasping oneself and the world in ever new ways.

Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin Art Education

Artful Guards
Guided Tours
Workshops for Kids
Speakers´ Corner
Talk: Black Box and White Cube / Filmmakers Talk/Screening: Trying and Testing / Performance/Screening: Drehbuch